2 Post lift with lift capacy 5,0 Ton

Billyft 2-pelare bredare fundaments fri 5,0 ton #  PEK-A250C

2 Post lift with lift capacy 5,0 Ton


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PEK 2 POST LIFT  AMGO heavy line with two pillars is specially designed for vehicles from car to truck, with heavy steel construction.

Clean Floor with direct-driven 2-pillars lifted without foundation foundation
Amgo heavy line with two pillar models PEK-A250C, A250CH, A255C and A268C are specially designed for vehicles from truck to truck, with heavy steel construction.


Detailed product information

• Lifting capacity: 5,000 kg.
• Electrical control and manual safety lock are released.
• Double hydraulic direct-driven cylinders, designed and made on ANSI standard, high quality NOK seals.
• Each cylinder has passed the 25Mpa test.
• 3/8 “aircraft quality cable is used for synchronization.
• Asymmetrical design gives 30 degree rotated columns open door control
• Self-lubricating UHMW polyethylene control and bronze bushing.
• Single-point safety release and dual safety design.
• Clearfloor design, providing unlimited floor space.
• Safety shut-off protection.
• Screw and stackable adapters design of rubber stool with 3 “Stackable adapters to adjust the lowest height in fastT

Each lift from PEAK has a 5-2-1 year warranty,

5 years: Steel structural components (including columns, trolleys, lifts, top bar, floor deck, platform, cross beam, car-driven frame, scissors, bottom frame, etc.).

2 years: Hydraulic parts (including cylinders, oil seal, oil hose, assembly, etc.).
1 year: Other parts (excluding consumables such as rubber boiler), electrical components, power supplies ..


 Lift capacity 5 Ton

 Raises time 55 seconds

Lift height 1842 – 2071mm

Total height 3625/3735 mm

Total width 2492 mm

Drive-Thru Clearance 2445 mm

Width between pillars 2800 mm

Lowest Pad height 115 mm

Weight 865 kgMotor 2.0 / 3.0 HP

Weight 885 kg


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